Virtual Assistance

We provide virtual assistance services for company executives, private individuals anywhere in the world that needs virtual assistants that has expertise in the following fields:

Online Technical Assistance

Any technical assistance you need related to the following:

  • uploading files, images, songs, videos in the web using FTP or domain control panel tools
  • managing website updates such as adding products and short description on store listings or changing website content and design
  • acts as a forum moderator or blog comment reviewer
  • encoding large content or listings using an online form or encoding tool

Or any type of basic technical skills that can be learned quickly by any of our technical assistance team.

Virtual Email Handling

  • Assist your daily emails from customers or clients from your website and responds to product orders and problems encountered by clients
  • Verifies online payments made by clients and provides additional instructions through email
  • Provides technical support to clients having difficulties from downloading your products or give further technical assistance from products bought by the customer

Web Research/Data Mining

  • Assists in gathering a list of information on any details you need through online research or data gathering tools provided
  • Provides a database of needed information according to specifications provided (name, contact details, website, etc)
  • Assists in providing a comparative study of major competitors to your business niche
  • Data mines any form of information such as email listing of prospective buyers or clients for your business

Data Entry/Conversion Assistance

  • Assists in bulk data entry work such as converting books into TXT, MS Word or PDF files without changing any formats for all the pages
  • Converts MS Word or TXT files to PDF files
  • Online data entry
  • Data entry of any form of database (daily results, number of visitors for a group of websites, numeric reports from online casino games) needed by the client using the web

Voice Transcription Services

  • We provide transcription services from any type of recordings during meetings, speech, instructional videos, investigations, etc
  • Assist in providing transcription for medical, court hearings, seminars, etc

Online Social Sites Management

  • We provide assistance in creating online social accounts such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, etc
  • In addition, we manage your online social accounts by adding friends, joining groups, providing more content to your profiles, etc
  • We can assist in adding a Fan Page or Company Page for your social account and invite fans or followers on a daily basis. Aside from updating news page with recent news from your company or even any personal information

Contact Us

For more information about our Virtual Assistance Service, email us the details you needed and we will provide you the best offer that will perfectly fit your budget.

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