Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Upfront Fee or Project Deposits

Upfront fees are only implemented on new clients or customers who have no referral from our previous clients or business partners for security reasons only. Except if the client has verified business location, contact number and other sources that can validate their business existence.

A 20% upfront fee may be imposed on new customers or clients on the first project only. Once business relationship between both our company and the new client have built trust on both sides then availing of our services in the next projects are waived of any upfront fees.

Payment Gateways

Our payment gateways that we do accept are the following: Paypal, Moneybookers. Xoom, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit and Door to Door Remittances (Please verify with us about the list of companies that we allow this type of transaction).

The payment date reflected from Paypal will officially be our cut-off date and monthly billing statements will be sent using Paypal billing statement, as well as sending official receipts for settled monthly bills.

Cut-off Dates & Recurring Monthly Payments

Accounting is advised on the official cut-off date for each project we handle in the company and the corresponding service fee charged per project. 3 days before the cut-off period, our Accounting will be sending monthly billing statements coursed through Paypal and will be emailed to the client’s email correspondence in this prescribed time period to give ample time of 3 days for our client’s Accounting department to prepare payment procedures. We expect that payment is reflected in our Paypal account on the cut-off date as reflected from the billing statement.

This procedure is also applicable for any type of payment gateway being used by a client and sending payments may have different time processing and this information must be provided to us so we can adjust in our end and send invoices ahead of time to meet the target date of receiving payments on the cut-off date for each project.

An official receipt will then be furnished to the same email address of the project owner within 24 hours upon receiving of payment being sent in any of the payment gateway stated above.

In the event that payment has been delayed after 24 hours, our company has the right to charge a penalty fee of 5% based from the outstanding balance of the billing statement for every succeeding day until payment has been finally settled by the client, including the penalty charges that the account has incurred.

Project Termination or Renewal Notice

We advise our clients to inform us before starting the project about the time frame of availing specific services for their projects so we can determine if the project is near expiration date and remind the client if they plan to extend our services for their projects 15 days prior to deadline.

It will be more convenient if a client can inform our company at least 30 days before the last day of planning to end a project or if the client plans to extend it for a certain period of time that indicates a renewal of contract.

This will be helpful for us to plan the allocation of the manpower that were allocated for a client’s existing project due to end and transfer these personnel to other incoming new projects.

Project Extension

Normally, marketing campaign projects runs from 3-6 months period but most clients extends these type of projects for another 6-month period or even a year.

Once a client decides for an extension, then we conduct further marketing campaign planning and design as needed by the project or website and the new marketing plan will be presented to our client for a better understanding of what will be done for the next milestone of our web marketing campaign.

Copyright of Content Used for Marketing Tools

The client must ensure that all web images, videos, photos, company logo, articles, music and other forms of promoting tools or materials that will be used in our web marketing campaigns have exclusive ownership rights of the client and that Universumtech Web Marketing Services, it’s management and marketing team are not held liable for the use of such marketing materials provided by our clients, in the case that it has been detected that any of these marketing paraphernalia were not legally owned by the client. Universumtech Web Marketing Services is not held responsible for any copyright laws that are imposed in the country of origin of our client or even in the jurisdiction of our business location.

As for our Article Writing Services, a client has full jurisdiction and rightful ownership of all the articles written by our company and have been submitted to the client. Universumtech has no right to use any of those articles and have the client has the right of ownership of all the article content that they paid for.

We Prohibit Black Hat SEO and Spam Activities or Projects

Our company offers SEO Services to our clients and practices White Hat SEO process only and we DO NOT ACCEPT any project that requires us to do any Black Hat SEO or any tasks that may require us to spam any sites for marketing purposes. We abide with all the rules and regulations of top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alexa.

Ever since we started in the web marketing business, our company has not accepted and tasks, projects or assignments from clients that are forms of illegal online marketing activities or campaigns such as spamming or Black Hat SEO and these tasks are prohibited by the company. In case that any existing clients finds that any of our team members or staff have been doing this please report them immediately to our customer support.

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