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Providing Online Marketing, SEO and Virtual Assistance Web Wide

08/15/2008 1 comment

Our Business Niche?

Web Marketing, Social Promotion, Virtual Assistance, Search Engine Optimization, Data Conversion, Online Technical Support, Article Syndication, Manual Link Building, Social Networking, Social Accounts Management and other Online Consultation Needs

We Help Drive Traffic to your Site!Universumtech Web Marketing Services primary business is all about the “world wide web”, by providing all types of online services to webmasters, CEO’s, corporations and even private individuals who needs assistance to promote their site, company, product or services. We have been existing in this virtual world for more than 5 years and have maintained the quality of all our services to our growing clients worldwide.

Our aim is to maintain the quality standard of being consultants and experts in the field of online marketing and technical support through continuous adaptation of  the latest web marketing tools and techniques to be on top of the line as a business provider of various web marketing, SEO, social promotion/networking and other online advertising skills to achieve total customer satisfaction and meet the global standards of our clientele.

Our elite team of SEO and Internet Marketing Consultants have contributed in many ways that made this company grow each year accomplishing successful marketing projects with satisfied regular customers. A challenging goal that we proudly gauge our success and inspire us to excel further with what we offer.Helping online businesses to be successful through our effective marketing campaigns.

Here are some of our articles that can best describe the best marketing package for your business niche. Some are published online and you may learn the perfect marketing approach to be more visible in the web:

The Power of Social Networking

Using Social Promotion to Increase Your Website’s Organic Traffic

web marketing

In the 2nd quarter of 2009, the latest buzz of web marketing gurus and link builders across the web is that they found out in a latest discovery that to be able to get high relevant traffic for your site is through social marketing or media promotion. Major search engines (Google, Alexa, Yahoo, MSN) are indexing web content coming from various social sites and the amazing revelation is that the ranking search term results from these sites were spotted in the first page position of the search result listings.

What Is The Importance of Social Networking for your Business…

web marketing

The History of Link Building

How Link Building Activities Developed Over the Years

Long gone are the old linking strategies of submitting sites to 2,000 directories or creating hundreds of articles with relevant topics to your site. Irrelevant ad postings began to flood the forums that were irrelevant with the current topics and discussions of the threads. These “forum spammers” run auto-posting programs and it has pissed out most forum administrators. That is why rules from forums have been more strict especially for new registered members.

Learn The Current Link Building Techniques to Increase Web Traffic

Why Articles are Highly In-Demand

Web Marketing Consultants Globally Do Understand Why Content is King

Upon discovery of link builders and marketing gurus that article syndication has been an effective way of generating a high search engine ranking, every webmaster are now hiring the best Article Writers they can scout and let them write hundreds of articles and web content and post it in blogs, article submission sites and other online posting activities. Being a Web Marketing Content Copywriter, I do get several requests from marketing executives, webmasters and executives from large corporations with new business sites to write quality web content for their sites. To be able to do that, I have to know the basics of their business to be able to create quality articles that can catch the interest of their target readers and go to their website. At the same time, the content must make you and your website an expert from what you are offering the world.

Check Out More Tips of Successful Article Marketing

SEO Revolution 2010

Importance of Search Engine Optimization for New Websites

CE2_l22SCE2_l22ECE2_l22OWhen I was still new in the web business and have opened an internet browser for the very first time, I felt like a new born baby in a new world with no knowledge of what to do next. I bet everybody experienced the same fate I had. The same feeling is also experienced when you have uploaded your first website and assumed a thought like: “Man, the world knows my business now!” LOL… A big mistake for a newbie but when we look back to the past, we tend to laugh from our little mistake and started to learn the “tricks and trades” as we grow in the world wide web.

Learn More SEO Tips and What Package is Best for Your Website or Blog

Grandma’s Guide to Social Marketinguniversumtech web marketing services

Normally, New Surfers Forgot The “Proper Attitude” Online & Compared to Real Life, Every Action Does Have It’s Reaction

Everybody knows that grandma knows best. She teaches you that Do’s and Dont’s in life just to get along with all types of people in the real world. Well, those lessons are valuable enough as we grow old and the thing is, those rules does apply even in the virtual world. We do build credibility online when we join social sites, send emails and other forms of communications that we do online. As commonly said, “The damage has been done” and the worst part is that posted content that can harm you will have a big negative impact to your personality and even damage your business image for a long period of time. Especially when those links are indexed by Google or other major search engines. This is the point that we can help get rid of those pages and resurrect your bad image from the search engine’s indexed pages.

We Provide Reputation Management Service to Reduce Negative Feedback to Your Image

The 7 Deadly Sins of Article Writers

Survey Conveys the Most Deadliest Sins that Web Content Writers Are Not Aware

Universumtech_BusinessBeing in the cyberspace for more than 14 years, doing all sorts of manual linking activities through forum posts, blogs, articles and other sticky notes around the net, there were online experiences that has gave me a big lesson and I have improved my skills by determining the effective writing styles & techniques used in various websites & media content copywriters from different cultures throughout the world.

Read How Articles Can Help Make Your Business Be Known

Importance of Social Media Promotion

Learn The Power of This New Web Marketing Campaign to Promote Your Business

Social Sites WallUniversumtech’s Social Media Promotion Service was born in the year 2006 and at that time nobody knows that this  marketing campaign platform can be one of the major source of a powerful online marketing campaign tool until the time Twitter emerged in the cyberworld as the first micro-blogging site. Since then everybody was crazy talking about it and it is currently a famous “online trend” that has been the world’s fastest tool to spread news to everyone, wherever they are in the world. If you don’t have your own Twitter account then most probably you are tagged as one of those living in the dinosaur era. Just kidding. Most of our clients have been asking our help to expand their social networks online and manage their accounts and provide various content that can be helpful for their members or friends in Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, etc.

Learn How Can Social Media Promotion Maximize Your Internet Presence

Why Blog If You Own a Website?

Common Questions of Webmasters About the Importance of a Blog

A high percentage of Universumtech’s customers who are prestigious business owners, webmasters and CEO’s of top international corporations have spent thousands of dollars or Euros just to build numerous websites with the latest Web 2.0 applications or even Flash designs with numerous web features that are amazing. After awhile, you can see most of these sites are in auction in a couple of months after doing SEO and numerous postings in forums, etc. Still, traffic was scarce.

What was lacking?” is the most common question they would ask me. Well, First and foremost, having a blog as the next step to promote your site is very important in many ways as I have discussed this from some of my blog postings and this is just the start of your marketing campaign…

Tips on How Blogs Be a Tool To Promote Your Site – Read More!

Link Building: New versus Old Techniques

A Comparative Study Between New and Old Link Building Techniques

I remember 5 or 6 years ago, when Link Builders spam the entire web space that pisses off forum administrators. Everyday, they start flooding the forums with irrelevant ad postings with titles like: “Cheapest Viagra Meds” that were posted in threads of a Car Forum website!  Webmasters hire these people and make them post thousands of links all over forum and Classified Ads Sites that drives people crazy and what they get in return: those poor forum sites were banned in major search engines like Google and the victims are the site owners.

Thank God for Twitter. Now they can post all they want on this site and nobody cares as long as you don’t follow them. LOL.

Check Out More Link Building Tips and Offers

Web Marketing Banner

Offers the best web marketing solutions to our global clients for years

Our team of SEO and Web Marketing experts are focused in achieving our company mission by helping webmasters, professionals, companies and corporations by promoting their business information through their websites. By implementing the right SEO and web marketing packages for each website, our team of web marketing experts conducts a research for each specific website’s functions and am in-depth information of the client’s business, to design a perfect web marketing plan to  effectively increase the website’s online visibility, achieving the proper “organic” traffic and get higher search engine placements or rankings (choice of keywords) that ensures a long-term effect for the website’s online visibility.

Universumtech offers a wide scope of web marketing campaigns that increases traffic to your website, increasing product sales or whatever business niche you have. Websites have different personalities if compared to life. Once we check your site, we layout an effective marketing plan for your online business site. We have the best and fairly competitive price offer in the cyber world and our quality service surpasses beyond our client’s expectation over the years.

Customer Care Support

Univesumtech Web Marketing Support

Email us your website details and a short marketing plan so we can brainstorm the best web marketing strategy that will meet your requirement and marketing budget. Once we have both agreed on all the marketing specifics then leave the rest to us as planned. Updates will be emailed to you by our marketing team on a scheduled basis.

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