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In the last quarter of 2009 and as we are counting days for the new year to come, social sites has tremendously been the greatest marketing tool for top online marketers around the world and we started using social media promotion as vital marketing tool to increase prominence of our client’s websites. In just a short period of time, the end result was great. And the best part here is that, our clients are amazed with our performance. Surpassing their projected time frame targets and they kept on asking us how do we do it? Our process have benefited them in many ways and the ROI from these sites had made large savings for their company and as a result, providing us more sites to process and even their business colleagues have shifted to our services.

Basically, social promotion is very hard to track or gauge on what and when will the results starts to show success. There are numerous of different social sites that were born in the cyber world since the first quarter of 2009. But each social site has different features, customer base, functions, etc. Compared to real life, each social site can be categorized as different cultures.

At this point, when we promote a site using social promotion, this is the crucial stage where we gather the business nature of our client’s website and conducts a thorough research what type of social sites that will be have interest on what my client’s website is offering.

Researching a Client’s Business Niche for Social Promotion Campaigns

It is important that before you start this process, you have an in-depth knowledge of your client’s business and the targeted social sites. This skill is quite new and if you have been surfing the net for almost 15 years now then it can be an easy task since you are well-versed on how to go around the universal web and what sites to target.

“Easier said than done” – this can be your statement now while reading this content now. To be able to help you out, I will share some important insights that you can use to achieve a good result of your social media activities.

The first question would be the following questions:

“How can you gauge the success of what you are doing?”

When doing your own social promotions, the first basic weapon here is how well you know your client’s product or what his website is offering. It is like what an SEO Specialist perspective of giving high importance of choosing the right “keywords” in each website according to it’s business niche. Once you gained confidence answering my question with: “Yes, I know the website’s business background from top to bottom.” Then you go to this next question.

“How will you know if your social promotion activities can work for your site or your client’s site?”

At this point, do not focus on just setting up social accounts in major social sites like Facebook or Twitter and start adding friends or following everyone and start micro-blogging the site details of your client or even from your own website. This is not the right approach to do it.

TV Commercials vs Online Social Promotion

If you try to analyze and compare our Social Promotion Service that we offer, as the means of advertising online and in the real life, advertising is in the form of TV commercials, the trend of both of these marketing strategies have the same result in terms of quantity of respondents and the only big difference is the “price value” promoting your business through TV commercials and in YouTube.  That is why most of my clients who are top executives from large corporations and rich businessmen have been hiring my services to do online promotion for their products, service or business. Even if they do have existing product commercials being broadcast in different TV networks.

When you start you own social promotion and have deep knowledge of the service or product that you are promoting. The gauge does not come from the results of how many friends are there in your Facebook list or how many followers you have in Twitter. Widen your cyber horizon and explore the net and other types of social sites that has an “online social culture” that have larger prospects than the number of your Twitter followers.

To tell you frankly, do not confuse yourself that social media promotion has the same nature with SEO. It can have similarities but in a broader perspective of comparing both skills, there is still a big difference.

Helpful Social Promotional Tip

You must go back to the basics of marketing such as focusing on your current website traffic or if there are existing customers who are potential regulars to your site that needs action from your part by providing constant communication with your clients  or checking by getting random feedback or comments from them and know if they have been satisfied with your services or product.

Think of ways on how to retain these clients by creating small campaigns if these existing customers have been satisfied with what you are offering. Let them be your initial friends in MySpace or FriendFeed and check out their list of friends who have the same interests with your client and from there you are in the right track. A simple approach that increases visitors to your site with higher turnover rating compared in adding hundreds of friends a day or following thousands of followers but only 5 visits your site and from that small range only 1 has been a client.

There is an element of taking time in initiating your online social promotion and must know the phasing your marketing activities to get better results in the end. Doing social promotion takes time and effort in building your online network and make it expand through milestones and surely the end result will increase the right  web traffic with high conversion rate of turning them into customers or members for your site. Growth in company sales will begin to show and it means that success is just around the corner. A sign that you have succeeded with your social promotional goals.

In reality, I can foresee that Universumtech’s Social Promotion Services will be an equal marketing alternative versus TV commercials as another form of an effective advertising tool to reach the right audience that they need. But the big difference if compared is that, in terms of advertising costs, web marketing or social promotion is far more affordable even by small entrepreneurs than buying air time for TV commercials. Advertisers don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for TV ads just to promote your business, product or service. Especially if you are still a small business owner.

Most international corporations and medium-size businesses around the world are diverting their marketing funds and efforts online to advertise their business or products that they sell. It has saved these marketing guys a huge sum of their company budget. As long as they have the right person, team or company that have the knowledge in doing all sorts of web marketing campaigns in their behalf like what our company does.

If you are just starting to market your business using web technologies, we want to share some helpful tips and information to start with:

Helpful Web Marketing Resources

Web Promotion Guide to Get Higher Traffic

For more information about our Social Promotion Service that we offer and how will this work on your site, you can email us for a free consultation and we will do the rest by checking your website’s current standing in the web and design a web marketing plan that is feasible enough for your budget.

Email us and we will analyze your site for free and present you a basic marketing plan that will attain your targeted traffic or search engine ranking that you desire that improves the visibility of your website or business throughout the web.

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