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web marketingUsing social media promotion to increase a website’s incoming traffic

In the 2nd quarter of 2009, the latest buzz of web marketing gurus and link builders across the web is that they found out in a latest discovery that to be able to get high relevant traffic for your site is through social marketing or media promotion. Major search engines (Google, Alexa, Yahoo, MSN) are indexing web content coming from various social sites and the amazing revelation is that the ranking search term results from these sites were spotted in the first page position of the search result listings.

Importance of Social Networking

Social media was born in the year 2006 and at that time nobody knows that this platform can be a powerful marketing campaign tool until the time Twitter emerged in the cyber world as the first micro-blogging site that everybody was crazy talking about it since it is currently the “In Trend” and if you don’t have your own Twitter account then you are tagged as living in the dinosaur era. 😛

Protecting Your Business or Personal Identity Online

But the glimmer side of the virtual world is full of spammers, scam artists, email viruses and other online syndicates that are dangerous enough to harm a person’s identity or even the online credibility of companies worldwide. What’s worse is that they can do that through hacking even to the privacy of your emails, secretly installing hacking programs to your PC or even by sending viruses being attached through emails.

If you are not aware of these threats in the net then maybe you have heard how some businesses or even people in some parts of the world have achieved instant fame or even disaster with their identities with the wrong type of posting information about themselves.

Using our Social Networking Service, we protect all of our client information and if there are web content or postings that refers to a negative feedback or information about our client, then we correct or erase these online information to clean the reputation of our customers at all times.

Online Social Marketing versus Old Marketing Styles (Real World)

Gone are the days when a salesman knocks on your doorstep and sell various products, insurance policies, etc. Today, consumers Google the product of their interest and presto! All information are in front of you in less than a second.

The fun part of using the virtual world is a BIG opportunity for all businesses around the globe by promoting their service or products online and target a vast universal traffic of surfers that can be potential customers or clients for their respective businesses.

One aspect of achieving this is by socializing online. Which is the best part of doing business compared two centuries ago, without the rush hour traffic or investing on business trips to another part of the world and be pissed off with flight delays or airport security for each country.

The Cause and Effect of Social Promotion

Obviously, we are now in the era of the automated world and businesses all over the world are allocating marketing budgets particularly, in terms of availing web marketing services like what our company is offering.

Web marketing experience and technical know-how of the web are the primary skills that our Web Marketing Specialists do have and Customer Satisfaction is what our clients are enjoying and the benefits for their businesses are seen in the increase of their sales and targets are met quarterly.

Knowing the proper online channels and the business niche of our client is what we focus on and create social accounts from top social sites which is a helpful marketing approach to achieve our goals.

Birth of Social Business Networking

In the past few years, MySpace or Friendster were some of the top social sites that dominated the cyber world. Then other social sites began to be added in the limelight of the cyber world like Hi5, Orkut, 43 Things and Facebook, which is now the top social site since 2009.

Web Marketing Specialists began to promote their businesses using these social sites unlike two years ago, they were the same people who spammed forums, classified ad sites and sent lots of junk emails by buying bulk email addresses from hackers and internet marketers.

Marketing Advantages Using Web 2.0 Social Networking Tools

I guess that the real online scenario why Facebook and many other social sites are beginning to be on top of the world wide web is due to the fact that their website programmers have adapted new web technologies by using Web 2.0 applications and social sites are now integrating accounts to each other. Aside from the many new features that is user friendly, integrate other social applications and website accounts and update the network of friends activities that can be vital information for any business to jive with the flow of their customer’s needs.

It is now easier to do business or promote a product online through Social Networking and achieve our goal of producing more quality traffic with higher conversion rate of turning them into clients or regular customers for your business or website service.

The Birth of Universumtech’s Social Networking Service

Being in the field of web marketing for several years, I have found other web marketing techniques that provide quality results for webmasters. Social Networking is one of the services that Universumtech has provided our clients worldwide that has greatly improved our client’s online business reputation and results also showed in the increase of the company revenues. Aside from expanding their global contacts online and client base worldwide which is worth the investment of availing our Social Networking Service.

Social Networking, Benefits Achieved in Promoting a Business or Website

Social Networking is one of Universumtech’s most availed services by our global clients. Particularly, companies with worldwide branches and multinational firms are the top regular clients who have been using our web marketing services for several years and compared our services with other service providers as remarkable enough in terms of pricing and quality of work.

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