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When I was still new in the web marketing business and at the time that I have experienced opening an internet browser for the very first time, I felt like a pre-school student in a new world of virtual space without any knowledge of what am I to do next. I bet everybody has experienced the same exact details based from my first web experience.

This is the same feeling most webmasters have experienced when they tried uploading their first website or even just a webpage and passed a thought like: “Man, now I do have my own online business!” …LOL!

And as we reminisce that statement now, I know that every webmaster has a silly grin in their face knowing that it was a statement committed by most “webmaster newbie”.

At this point, there are vast of articles, blogs and posted content that can educate new webmasters today and lucky for them that they have all the information they need for the next important processes needed to be successful online with their websites or blogs. But for the non-techie professionals out there and those who have no time to do more research, this is the time where our company can help you with SEO and web marketing strategies and worry no more. Here is a short summary to understand what our company can do for you:

Importance of Search Engine Optimization to New Websites

Most webmasters who are newbie in the cyber world think that SEO and Web Promotion is technically simple and do it on their own. Then they discover that after several months, their website traffic statistics shows that only 10 hits per week has been achieved with what they have done and even worse, the traffic coming to their site are not the potential traffic that has a high conversion rate to turn them into clients or customers.

What’s the Next Step After Your Site is Published Online?

A smart question that is the same with a father’s question after having his new born baby in his hands: “How will I raise this child now?

The next important step is to conduct a Search Engine Optimization or SEO service to your site before proceeding with other web marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization – Defined

SEO or Search Engine Optimization’s primary function is to integrate  the best keywords appropriate for each of your site’s web page, optimize each page in terms of choosing the right keywords, content, images and other factors that will correspond to the rules of major search engines particularly Google, Alexa, Yahoo and MSN.

After this, our SEO Service Team will design a manual link building campaign to build inbound links for your website using the competitive keywords used by your site.  Initially, we start with directory submissions, article submissions, forum posting or social marketing campaigns and this process may vary on each website we are working on and we explain our procedures to our client and add further tasks or services as prescribed by our client to meet our objectives successfully.

The result of Universumtech’s SEO Campaign varies with the keywords used in your website index or sub-pages. The variance depends also with the number of competitors who uses the same keyword/s used by your website. Normally, your website information are indexed in most major search engines (we monitor rankings in Google only) within 3-6 months but site rankings may vary depending on the factors discussed above.

White Hat SEO Techniques

At this point, our company can certify that your site will be indexed from each keyword/s you wanted us to process and our strategies have proven results that will surely increase your site rankings and this is done using White Hat techniques (we are against SEO Black Hat techniques) and in a couple of months, you can google these keywords yourself and see your website ranking which will be visible within the top 20 spot and that may depend on the number of competitors as discussed earlier.

Link Building and Website Marketing Maintenance

To further enhance your website ranking and be always on the top spot for each keyword, we tell our clients who consults this problem with our company to avail any of our web marketing services: social promotion, social networking, article marketing, link building or other online marketing campaigns that our clients wants us to do for attaining dominance for their keywords or simply promote their business to get higher organic traffic and increase their sales or online clients.

Why? Honestly speaking, once SEO activities were halted for your site after a couple of months, the tendency is that most sites PR (page rank) can go down within a time period. The services that we have described above will help maintain your site ranking and we do offer our clients the most affordable fees that is why our current clientele have been availing our services for years.

Importance of Web Marketing Process

Once we have achieved the number of appropriate inbound links for your site then the next process is to start planning for a web marketing strategy that must correspond with your business niche. Certain types of our services can help achieve this goal and that includes social promotion, marketing ad posting, press releases and other forms of internet promotion techniques.

Our Web Marketing Specialists will start searching for equally themed sites and build social profiles, blogs, article posts, etc to increase the web content and information regarding your business.

It is a very tedious task and the average time length of doing this is normally from 3-6 months and time table for this process may vary for each website, number of competitors, type of business and the scope of geographical range (country-wide or on a global scale) that you want us to market your site.

Learn more of our Web Marketing or Social Promotion Services that we offer.

Helpful SEO Tips for Webmasters

My advice is to monitor your content management system throughout your website and all of your marketing ads by using keywords that are in the same web page and please avoid keyword stuffing.

Add new content on a milestone basis and create articles or blogs that will educate your followers, readers or clients related with your business niche. Posts need not be always be in an advertising tone. It is much better if you can create your marketing ads in a personal tone.

Providing “tips” or “do it yourself” topics or articles are always a best seller to increase traffic to your site and improve your credibility of expertise in your business field. With this type of marketing technique, people will start trusting you and improve your credibility as an expert professional to your chosen field.

Consult your Questions with Us for Free

If you do have further questions on what type of services that we offer that is best suited for your website then email us your concern or queries and we provide a free basic consultation to help provide you with more information about the service you are interested to avail from our company.

To learn more about our company, go to our About Us web page and check out how we started with web marketing. Contact information is also provided so we can further discuss your web marketing needs.

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