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Link Building, Effective Approach to Increase your Google PR

Long gone are the old linking strategies of submitting sites to 2,000 directories or creating hundreds of articles with relevant topics to your site. Irrelevant ad postings began to flood the forums that were irrelevant with the current topics and discussions of the threads. These “forum spammers” run auto-posting programs and it has pissed out most forum administrators. That is why rules from forums have been more strict especially for new registered members.

Today, new link building processes and techniques are being discovered by Web Marketing Gurus that increases alternative building of inbound links to a website. These techniques have new web terminologies such as: “SEO 2.0 Technology” or “Web 2.0 Tools” commonly used by most social sites. In simple terms, these processes or new web technologies are categorized as additional “link building” techniques.

The Importance of Link Building Services to a Website

Universumtech has been offering Manual Link Building Services to our clients by building inbound links for our client’s site for a primary purpose: Increase the Google Page Rank of our client’s website particularly the index page and other important pages as prescribed by our clients.

Page Rank is the “standard gauge” of a website’s dominance to the keywords being used in their index page and particular sub-pages. A Go0gle page rank (PR)  starts from PR0 (lowest) to PR9 (highest). If a site has no page rank rating, one reason is that Google has banned the site in their search engines and the reason may be non-compliance with Google’s standard rules and regulations.

Though other webmasters prefer us to focus on other major search engine’s “ranking format” such as Alexa or Compete even if their site do have a page rank by Google.

Our company has practiced doing Manual Link Building Campaigns, since this process does require a thorough analysis and research of accumulating a list of web pages to create the proper “inbound links” using different link building procedures and posting  proper web content.

Link Building Service is normally done after your site has undergone our SEO Service with the right keywords used for every web page of your site and that all “Meta Tags” are complete and does have the right information about your website or business.

Increase Online Visibility of your Website

Another benefit of our Link Building Service is that it increases website traffic to your site which means that the “inbound links” that were planted on other sites, with relevant website theme and content that is helpful for your site, has increased the visibility of your site and has proven the effectiveness of those links to meet our objective using this service.

The Proper Method of Manual Link Building

Comparing from the style of link builders 5 years ago, there has been a major improvement on how we do it now and not all link building strategies may be applicable for all websites. This depends on the nature of each site and what type of quality links that your site need to achieve success in this task. Continuous effort, patience and research are needed to finally build the pieces together until your site becomes “authoritative” with your chosen keywords or business niche across the web.

Proper link building technique must be applied correctly for each website and this process varies on the nature of the site and what is your business niche. If your site is a social dating site, then you have to start building your linking strategy with social sites such as Facebook or Orkut.

Helpful Reminder for Webmasters

Before implementing link building for your website, always consider other important information about your business and what are your target market. Information may vary for every website and this is an important requirement to be successful in the end. Such as the scope of geographical setting, keywords used, spying top competitors of your business and other stuff that can affect your marketing campaign.

To learn more about the different methods of other link building techniques, please refer to our company blog:

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