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Universumtech Web Marketing Services has been in the cyber world for more than 5 years and our extensive online marketing experience made us one of the certified web marketing experts worldwide that has expanded our operations even in the US where most of our clients are based.


The President and Founder of Universumtech Web Marketing Services has managed an online business starting with data conversion services for 15 years that evolved in various data entry projects and other online business services such as Virtual Assistance and Data Transcription.

By 2004, he had a major business downfall due to a scam activities of one major client but his initiative to maintain work for his core team made him decide to shift his career by providing online marketing services which was one of the newest careers during that year. This developed his skills and expertise through actual experience and continuous research to succeed in the field of web marketing. Clients started to increase through business references of satisfied clients that proved the credibility of his web marketing expertise.

The Services We Offer

The most availed services that Universumtech offers are the following:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Package
  • Web Marketing Service
  • Social Media Promotion Service
  • Social Networking Service
  • Article & Press Release Service
  • Company Blog Creation
  • Social Business Promotion Service
  • and many more.

Some of our clients refer a combination of our web marketing services and we provide them a monthly quote that is more affordable for the company’s monthly marketing budget.

Universumtech offers various SEO and web marketing services to increase web traffic to your website/company blog, promote products/services offered in your site and to get your website link go higher in major search engine rankings such as Google, Yahoo or Alexa (keyword basis).

Our Team of Experts

Our team of SEO and internet marketing consultants have been the brains of this company. We have helped webmasters in a global scale and made their online businesses more successful using our marketing campaign packages. Since then they have been our regular clients and even referred us to their business peers that added more clients who were top executives of international corporations and individual webmasters in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Community Involvement

Social Welfare and Community Projects

Locally, we are expanding operations by generating more web marketing projects. and give priority to hire out-of-school youth or college undergraduates that passed our IQ exams and do have the potential to develop their skills through a 6-month training program.

Universumtech is involved with Community Welfare programs and he currently holds an elected position as overall Parent Teacher Association President for two consecutive terms wherein 10% of our project earnings are allocated to help fund some of our local public elementary school projects in the objective of upgrading the quality level of  its educational system.

He is also an Environment Associate Consultant for Environmental Development and Education Network (EDEN), a non-profit organization based in Valenzuela by assisting in  environmental projects that helps minimize global warming. EDEN’s National President is Architect Johnny Tan.

Vision and Mission Statements

Corporate Goals for Our Clients and the Community

Our goal and vision is to provide more work for less privilege youth and train them to improve their web marketing skills and enhance their careers in the future by providing scholarship grants to deserving team members.

Universumtech’s primary mission is to provide the best web marketing service surpassing our competitors and be globally competitive through continuous in-house training programs and research. The service we provide requires our knowledge in skills to be updated with every new web technology that can help improve our online marketing methods and always be with the current web marketing trends as much as possible.

In the future, we are planning to add more web services in the field of website programming, design and development that can provide a complete website service package that will add to what our company has to offer.

Offering Various Web Marketing Solutions with Quality

Our company offers a wide scope of Web Marketing Services that helps promote websites, online products or businesses by improving its web traffic and major search engine rankings that can boost company sales or expand their online business networks worldwide.

You can learn more details on various online marketing services that we offer by clicking the type of service you are interested at the top portion (tabs) of our web pages. Much better, email us your questions or concerns and we will be glad to assist you. Don’t worry, consultation with us is always free.

How to Reach Us

Email our Customer Care Support.

Chat with us through Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk: universumtech

Join our Social Network Friends through any of the social site icons found at the bottom of our Home Page and leave us a message and we will respond within 24 hours.

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